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Microsoft Excel


This course is for existing users of Excel who wish to improve competence working with calculations, large spreadsheets and lists.


Formulas and Functions

  • Revision of basic formulas & AutoSum

  • Creating statistical functions

  • Using absolute & mixed cell addresses

  • Using the Insert Function button

  • Testing data using the If function

  • Calculating percentages

  • Using the NEW Quick Analysis tool


Multiple Worksheets

  • Inserting & deleting worksheets

  • Colour-coding worksheet tabs

  • Moving and copying worksheets

  • Grouping worksheets for formatting and printing

  • Linking cells between worksheets

  • Creating calculations across worksheets


Multiple Workbooks

  • Arranging multiple workbooks on one screen

  • Linking cells between workbooks

  • Creating calculations across workbooks



  • Sorting lists

  • Filtering lists using AutoFilter

  • AutoSum with lists

  • Formatting a list as a table


Viewing Large Worksheets

  • Freezing columns and rows

  • Splitting the screen

  • Hiding & unhiding columns and rows

  • Custom Views



  • Printing a selection

  • Setting & clearing print areas

  • Scaling a sheet to fit

  • Centring horizontally & vertically

  • Inserting & removing page breaks

  • Headers & footers revision

  • Repeating titles on each page


Formula Auditing

  • Tracing precedents and dependents

  • Tracing errors

  • Showing formulas

  • Using the watch window




Previous knowledge of Excel is required including the ability to construct basic formulas.